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Filing a medical suit is currently a pretty easy task it costs a...

Filing a medical suit is currently a pretty easy task it costs a little more than a small filing fee. Pair the ease to file a medical suit with the precedent for large multi-million returns with little merit, and it is no wonder that many people file medical malpractice suits.

Every time there is a law suit filed, it increases the costs of the doctor and the hospital to cover this payment. The double negative is that it also means that doctors order extra tests to ensure that they did everything to ensure that the patients' needs we're met. All of these costs go downhill to the customers.

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A couple of easy things that the government can do:

  • Increase costs to file a medical malpractice suit
  • Develop top-end limits for medical malpractice claims [no more $100 million suits - Texas limited their damages to$750,000, President Bush proposed $250,000 limits]
  • Re-write medical best practice so that unnecessary tests are not performed for defensive reasons [if people are worried about substandard care - they can mandate that the doctor present options]

These cost reducing solutions would decrease the costs of healthcare for everyone by eliminating unnecessary testing and decreasing the liability costs of doctors and hospitals.

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