Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual Assault Lawyer


Your Best Defence is a Great Lawyer…

Jag Virk Criminal Lawyers specializes in defending our clients from a wide range sexual assault allegations. Sexual assault allegations are very serious and cases of this type are aggressively prosecuted. Sexual assault charges tend to carry stiffer sentences than simple assault charges as the sexual element is considered an aggravating factor. Jag Virk Criminal Lawyers has the knowledge and experience to work cases relating to alleged sexual offence.

Successful Outcomes

Sexual offenses tend to be fact based. Often times the facts are accompanied by conflicting testimony and evidence. We have ample experience defending against sexual offenses of all types, including allegations of sexual harassment and rape. We have successfully defended in many cases of this type.

Your Reputation – Our Priority

Often times allegations of sexual assault are leveled against known and repeat offenders. However, we frequently find serious charges of this nature being put upon professionals and law abiding citizens in regards to marital and relationship disputes. A strong defence requires a deep understanding of the related laws and a critical examination of the evidence and statements given by witnesses. A conviction for sexual assault can ruin your reputation and follow you for years to come. At Jag Virk Criminal Lawyers, your reputation is our number one priority. An expert defence is the first step to clearing your name and getting your life back to normal.

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