Drunk driving is suspected in a multi-vehicle accident that occurred mid-day on Interstate 680 in Danville leaving three people injured. The crash included two cars, a flat bed truck and a tow truck. A Subaru Forester and the tow truck we're pulled over to the side of the highway when they we're struck by a two-axel flatbed truck. The tow truck driver was critically injured during the crash, as he was pulled under his truck by the force of the collision. The flatbed driver, who was arrested for drunk driving, also received serious injuries. Have you or a loved one been involved in a California freeway accident?

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The accident occurred on southbound Highway 680 and resulted in the brief closing of the entire freeway. In addition to the two truck drivers who we're hurt, a third victim, driving an Acura was also hospitalized with minor injuries. Luckily, the Subaru driver was not in his car and was able to avoid injury. When the flatbed hit the vehicles on the roadside, he peeled away the side of the car before smashing into the truck. Trucking accidents on California highways are dangerous and common. Severe injuries and death can often be the result. If you have been involved in a truck-related crash in CA, please get help from a lawyer.

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