The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer on a Contingency Fee Basis

Most people have heard of attorneys who work on a contingency basis. But what precisely does it mean, and what are the main advantages of working with an attorney on contingency? Working on contingency means that, instead of collecting an up-front fee or being paid by the hour, your attorney will not collect any money until the successful conclusion of the suit. The attorney will collect no legal fees from you unless your case is brought to a successful settlement. Criminal and family law cases cannot be handled on a contingency basis, only personal injury cases, property damage cases, and certain other types of cases. Some of the benefits of hiring an attorney on a contingency fee basis include:

    • It enables any individual to obtain qualified legal representation by offering a more financially viable option for people who cannot afford to pay an up-front fee, hourly attorney's fees, and other legal expenses.


    • It provides an ever-present motivation for the attorney to win the case. As opposed to attorneys who have no personal stake in whether or not they win a case for their client, an attorney who works on a contingency basis has a reason to fight hard to bring your case to a successful conclusion.


    • It ensures that any claim you bring will be a strong one. Since your attorney will only receive payment if you win the case, they will scrutinize your claim carefully to gauge it's legal merits and likelihood of success before taking it on.

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