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Weapons Charges Defence

Weapons charges are pursued vigorously by the courts, particularly since there has been a rise in weapons-related crimes on police and innocent civilians.

These charges fall under the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act.
Charges can be laid on anyone who has a weapon, which is defined as anything that can be used to cause bodily harm, that they intend to use or threaten to use on another individual. This means that nearly any item can be considered a weapon, including household items like brooms, dishes, etc.

The key to these charges is more than just possession, it is also intent. Officials can lay weapons charges even if the incident did not occur in a public area.

In Canada there are various types of weapons including prohibited weapons or firearms and restricted weapons or firearms. The distinction to each of these categories is usually the size of the barrel as well as items listed in the regulation section.

Regardless of the item, penalties for these charges often include jail time, which can hinder your freedom. They can also lead to a loss of reputation and a criminal record that can follow you for years hindering employment and travel opportunities.

We understand that this can be a stressful time for you. These charges can be complicated, and you will want a skilled lawyer on your side. Let our legal excepts prepare the best possible defence and help you regain your life.

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