How Your Dui Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Policy And Premiums

The negative impacts with a DUI/DWI don't stop with the license suspension, fine and court costs. This, of course, is provided nobody was injured or killed during the act. When you have been convicted of a DUI/DWI, you should also be ready for the other financial expense that comes with it: your insurance rate.

You will end up paying a much higher vehicle insurance premium and be labeled a high-risk driver upon the time the company finds out about the offense. Its also possible that your vehicle insurance company will drop you from their service, which means you now have to shop for a new insurance policy with the insurance cancellation and DUI on your record.

The majority of states will require people who have been found guilty of a DUI to get an SR-22 form from their car insurance company. This form is to prove to your states department of mother vehicles that you will have liability insurance before the agency will release the suspension.

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No doubt the SR-22 form is a telltale sign about the DUI conviction. Its also ensures that the insurance company will get in touch with the DMV should it decide to cancel your auto policy. Each state is different in how long an SR-22 must remain enforced but it could go up to five years if you desire to keep your license.You have to bear in mind that not every company will offer you the SR-22 vehicle insurance policy. Some of them will do one of two things:

Its important to remember that every DUI offense is not the same and won't be treated as such. Thus, the majority of insurance companies will look at the offense case by case.For instance: you might see a slightly higher increase if your driving record was impeccable and the DUI conviction was the first offense. Two or more DUIs on your record will lead to higher insurance premiums and some insurance companies won't offer vehicle coverage to repeat DUI offenders. If your company doesn't know about the DUI right away, they still have several years to raise those rates. Its even possible that any life insurance premiums you have will increase too.

Regardless of how soon your vehicle insurance company learns of your DUI (if they ever discover it), it will all depend on your states procedures and laws and how the case was handled.

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