Deliver What You Promise

I'm going to keep this post short, but that no way detracts from it's importance. Everyone who has a website presence which they use to sell something online should take note of what I'm about to say. Yes my friends that's how important this post really is.

There are thousands if not millions of people out there whose dream is to make money on the internet and there are equally as many people "Pretending" to be Internet Marketers making money off the back of those dreams. Some of them are out and out scammers and there are others who know they are taking advantage of those "Wannabe Internet Marketers Dreams" by failing to deliver what they promise you in their sales letter.

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Look, There is no such thing as a "Get Rich Quick Scheme" so if you think you can buy an amazing piece of software for a couple of hundred bucks that's going to somehow generate you a six figure sum of money overnight Think Again.

These marketers are simply selling to your dream and taking your hard earned money which you probably can't afford for products which are "Not Fit For Purpose"

Then there are what I would call the trusted Marketers those with a reputation which most of us have heard about and some of whose products we have bought and found to be of value. However you should still be aware of them because many of them also make money as affiliates.

If an established marketer whose reputation precedes him drops you an email saying something like "Hey Joe, my great friend and fellow internet marketer is about to release a brand new product and I've convinced him to let my loyal subscribes in at a greatly reduced price" You'd probably not think twice about buying this product provided it had something to do with your own niche at that time.

This is where the danger lies.

Because you trust him, you feel that if he is recommending a product created by someone else it must be a good product Right! ..... Wrong

Look these people are out to make money and they calculate the odds of Sales against Refunds. What this means is simply this if they sell 1000 copies of their product say at $13.45 they make $13,450 and if they then have to refund 100 people who say they are dissatisfied with that product then they pay back $1345 then they still make $12,105. so they make a profit and the affiliate loses his commission for those products.

If it is your intention to make money online as an affiliate then I highly recommend you do the following before you recommend any kind of product to your subscribers.

Ask the product owner for a review copy of their product.

All genuine marketers will be happy to give you a review copy if they don't and you still want to go ahead and promote their product then buy a copy firts and review it. this way when you recommend it to your own subscribers you are doing so from an informed position.

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It's vital to your reputation.

If you have no idea whether or not the product delivers what is promised and you recommend it to your own subscribers and it is some miserable piece of misinformation then you may lose subscribers or at the very least find you inbox full of complaints.

The very same thing applies if you have created you own product and an affiliate asks you for a review copy. If you've nothing to fear then let them have a copy it may well help boost your sales.

But Remember above all else if you fail to deliver what you promise then you will ruin the reputation you have spent many months creating and if that happens you may well never sell another thing online again.

Don't make money off the back of peoples dreams if you want to sell them something then sell them a genuine product which delivers what you promise.

Have you bought something from an internet marketer which has not been as described on their sales page?

I'd be interested to hear your stories. Please leave comments below.


I will publish all genuine comments but if you only want to leave an advertisement then Don't bother it will never get seen on my site. If you want to advertise on my site then contact me and we will discuss it.

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