Obama Administration Quietly Reverses Course on Honduras

What was the the fruit of the Honduran effort to preserve their Constitution? Immediate scorn by the world, led by the United States and the Obama administration. The Obama administration cut off aid from the US and encouraged others to do the same. The Obama administration called the Honduran government coup illegal in a further effort to discredit the defense of the Honduran Constitution. The US denied Honduran visas while allowing Chavez, Qaddafi, and other world leaders with deeply questionable backgrounds and "friends" to attend the United Nations session a few months back.

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What was the result of the United States led effort to condemn Honduras? The economic downturn in Honduras that the rest of the world suffered as well was exacerbated by US led cuts in international aid. There we're protests in the streets by Zelaya supporters (with help from Chavez). Honduras' neighbors and trading partners in Central and South America turned their backs on the interim Honduran government - not surprisingly since Zelaya was friends with Chavez who in turn is friends with other "pink state" leaders in Brazil, Ecuador and elsewhere. The largest result though was Honduras shrugging everything and everyone off by continuing with their planned elections without Zelaya returning as President.

Today, Honduras holds their elections despite Zelaya's protest. Where does the US stand on this? Now, the Obama administration "supports the process". So the US went from condemnation to support? At least the Obama administration finally got on the right side of this ordeal. Much of the protests, economic damage, and drama that came from Zelaya's ousting could have been lessened or possibly avoided if the US would have supported democracy and the defenders of the republic in Honduras from the beginning. Much of what had happened, I believe, was total misunderstanding and ignorance on the part of the Obama administration of the historical role the military has played in Latin and South America. As soon as the US State Dept heard about the military removing Zelaya, there was a knee-jerk reaction without any real understanding of the political process within Honduras or in the area. This just shows the sad state of affairs of our foreign policy objectives and overtures regarding the international community. I'm surprised that Obama didn't meet with Zelaya and give him a bow of subservience as he has done other world leaders.

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