Hayworth's Positions Are Not Debatable: They're For the Richest 1%

Nan Hayworth has tried to dance to the middle in her run forre-election here in the Mid-Hudson Valley. But she's no moderate, and her Congressional votes over the past year tax breaks for the rich and cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs that serve the 99% tells the story in vivid yeas and nays.

If you had any doubts about how extreme Nan Hayworth is, Monday's debate, televised on YNN, likely put them to rest. The following exchange between Hayworth and the moderator over tax breaks for ther ich said it all.

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Moderator: Just to be clear there is no scenario where you could seeyourself supporting any increase on top earners.

Hayworth then launched into a long explanation that includes thephrase providing relief and a flatter, fairer tax

Moderator: So, no then.

Hayworth: No.

When later asked if she considers people who earn $250,000 a year rich that is, the top 2% of earners Hayworth said, No. This coming from a Congresswoman who didn't even know what the minimum wage was when activists from the Mid-Hudson Valley 99% met with her in September only highlights her disconnect from the vast majority of hard-working constituents in her district.

So let Nan Hayworths words guide you as we head towards November 6th.Its worth hearing what her challenger, Sean Patrick Maloney, had tosay on the subject. The only tax cuts the tea party likes are formulti-millionaires, and they want to blow a $5 trillion dollar hole inthe budget deficit to give huge new tax cuts to multi-millionaires,while ending the guaranteed benefit of Medicare, he said during thedebate yesterday. And that's just wrong.

We agree, Mr. Maloney.

And Maloney deserves the last word, since his positions stand in starkcontrast to Hayworth's. I will go down to Washington and fight forworking and middle class families every single day, and we can turnthe page on the Tea Party, he said.

Were looking forward to that chapter.

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